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Accommodation in Broumov

Accommodation in fascinating villa from the time of the First Republic situated in a beautiful neighbourhood with large garden. It´s Vila Katerina !

Villa Katerina is situated few minutes walking from the historic centre of Broumov . Broumov is more than seven centuries administrative, cultural and economic region centre. Region Broumov is bounded by the Javoří mountains and Broumov sandstone mountains. Region Broumov is famous for its natural beauty and nature treasures. Among the most famous beauties is the national nature reserve Adršpašsko - Teplické Rocks, which is with its 17 km2 area, the biggest rock city in Central Europe.

Broumov and region Broumovsko

Broumov town is the centre of the micro region Broumovsko and is the best starting point for trips to all surrounding sights and nature beauties. Among the most famous sights are counted Broumov monastery,  Adržpašsko – Teplické Rocks , typical Baroque churches and wooden church of saint Maria, which is the oldest wooden church in central Europe. More tips for beautiful and interesting trips can be found here.

For those who instead an active holydays rather prefer relax and peace, offers Vila Katerina with its large green garden, swimming pool and lot of relax places, perfect oasis of calm and relaxation. Have a look here.

Come and try our quiet family accommodation. You will be definitely satisfied!